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And Then What Happened?

Most of the time inspiration comes to me when I’m doing something mindless like ironing or having a bath. I also tend to dream up scenarios for stories when I’m walking the dog on one of our nearby beaches. However, when my sister finished reading Never Too Late, one of my stories in Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After, she immediately picked up the phone and gave me a call.

“You’ve written about, Mum, haven’t you?” she laughed, knowing me very well.

I had to admit that I had. Well, my mother isn’t a widow like Sue’s mum in the story, but the surprise at the end was one that my own mother gave me. You’ll have to read the story to discover what it is though as I’m not giving away any spoilers here.

I love writing and, like other writers, am constantly wondering, what if? I also have a tendency to nag my teenagers about being organised. For example, making sure their phones are charged, so that in case of an emergency they’ll be able to contact someone. With Going Backwards I wondered what would happen if you’re driving along a lonely road with a small child and you broke down. If you couldn’t phone anyone for help, who would you least like to meet up with along the way?

Deborah Carr

You can read Never Too Late and Going Backwards in Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After now, on kindle!

Going Backwards

“She had heard about dreadful things happening along these lonely roads, and cursed under her breath for being so foolish and not having been organised enough to charge her phone before leaving.”

From Going Backwards by Deborah Carr.