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The Woman in White

“As they meandered through the throng of sightseers, a peculiar feeling overcame Sarah. Something made her stop and look over her shoulder to the other side of the square. She gasped, causing Brett to stop abruptly.
‘Oh my goodness,’ she cried, her hand flying to her mouth. ‘Look over there, at that woman!’”

From The Woman in White by Jill Steeples.

Picture Perfect

“He was great in the kitchen, like a TV chef, rustling up just the right thing out of nowhere, despite my constant lack of decent ingredients. A French, guitar-strumming, culinary magician. That’s what I needed. He was just too good to be true.”

From Picture Perfect by Jenny Maltby.

Going Backwards

“She had heard about dreadful things happening along these lonely roads, and cursed under her breath for being so foolish and not having been organised enough to charge her phone before leaving.”

From Going Backwards by Deborah Carr.

The Girl in the Yellow Dress

“The first time I saw her, on an otherwise unremarkable Wednesday in the gallery, I wasn’t even sure that I’d seen anything at all. A flash of canary yellow caught my eye and then it was gone, leaving behind it a sense of something else, something feminine and beautiful.”

From The Girl in the Yellow Dress by Bernadette James.

The One that Got Away

“I bumped into him in the chemist’s of all places, on a chilly autumn day.
‘Angie! Is it really you?’
The hairs on my arms stood on end. It was as if we only parted yesterday – or never parted at all – and my heart began pounding.”

From The One that Got Away by Karen Clarke.

Out of the Frying Pan

“Her mind a conflict of recriminations and recovery plans, not to mention the urge to scratch all over, she followed her husband through to the other room. Attack, she had decided, would be the best form of defence. Don’t slurp your wine, she told herself. Remember to smile. And don’t scratch.”

From “Out of the Frying Pan” by Leigh Forbes.

The Green Party

“‘You worry too much,’ Marion said. ‘No one expects health food at a 5-year-old’s party.’
A dark look crossed Sylvia’s face. ‘You don’t know the parents at Kerry’s school. Everything has to be organically grown and non-fattening.’”

From The Green Party by Tamsyn Murray.

How Deep Is Your Love?

I fell in love with Mike the second I saw his profile on Actually that was probably lust, but it’s definitely love now we’ve got to know each other properly.

From How Deep Is Your Love? by Cally Taylor.

The Changing World of Michael O’Sullivan

“‘Michael O’Sullivan, you’re as thick as the heel of the bread. You’ll be putting a notice down at the gate to advertise, isn’t that it now?’”

From The Changing World of Michael O’Sullivan by Kathleen McGurl

Aunt Agony

“Sarah reached over to stroke his head. ‘Are you ready to go to sleep now, lovey?’ she said hopefully.
He pulled his thumb from his mouth. ‘You have to read to me, Auntie Sarah,’ he said reproachfully, and popped his thumb back in like a punctuation mark.”

From Aunt Agony by Helen Kara.